Information and Documents Required for Filing Trademark Applications in ISRAEL

  • Full particulars of the Applicant, i.e. name, address, nationality, and, in the case of a company, its legal status. In case of a U.S. company the state of incorporation should be advised.
  • Original Power of Attorney simply signed, indicating who signed and in which capacity. Fax copies are not accepted. No legalization is required. If a client intends to file applications regularly in Israel, a General Power may be filed which may serve for all patent, trademark and design applications. Copies of the form are enclosed.
  • List of goods/services in English. The International Classification is in force in Israel. Should a list of goods comprise more than one class, please indicate the Class(es) and the List(s) of Goods/Services for each Class.
  • Applications are being filed via the Internet, and therefore we would appreciate receiving a specimen of the Mark in jpg format to our email address

    We do not require any specimen of the Mark should it be a Word Mark.
  • In case a priority has to be claimed:
    • date and number of basic application;
    • priority document together with certified English translation, if applicable.
For urgent filing, we require the information under 1, 3, 4 and 5(a) above. The Power of Attorney, the Priority Document and the certified English translation, if applicable, should be filed within three months from the date of filing the application.