Information and Documents Required for Filing the National Phase of a PCT Application in ISRAEL

  • Full particulars of the Applicant, i.e. name, address, nationality, and, in the case of a company, its legal status. In case of a U.S. company the state of incorporation should be advised.
  • Original Power of Attorney simply signed, indicating who signed and in which capacity. Fax copies are not accepted. No legalization is required. If a client intends to file applications regularly in Israel, a General Power may be filed which may serve for all patent, trademark and design applications.
    • A copy of the International Application in English (including drawings), comprising any amendments which were filed. Should the basic application not be in English, we require a certified English translation of said document. Also, in this case, any amendments which were filed should be forwarded.
    • Copies of the International Search and Examination Reports, if available. Should said documents not be in English a certified English translation is required.
    • The number of the PCT Application, the filing date of said application, the number and date of the publication of the PCT application.
    • The details of the priority application, if any, i.e. number, date and country. Should the priority document not be in English a certified copy might be requested.
  • The Application may be filed within 30 months from the first filing date, whether a demand was filed or not.
  • In the event that an application has to be filed urgently, we require the information under 1, 3c and 3d above, informal specification and informal drawings. All other documents may be filed within three months from the date of filing the application.